Morning Consult Reveals Most Loved Brands of 2020

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July 30, 2020 at 5:00 am UTC

Key Takeaways

  • Top Five: USPS, Google, UPS, Amazon and Netflix

  • Food & Beverage and Household Brands Dominate Nearly Half of Top 50

  • Brands Known for Diversity & Inclusion Fare Notably Well

NEW YORK -- JULY 30, 2020 -- Morning Consult, the leader in global data intelligence, released today its Most Loved Brands of 2020 report, detailing what drives brand love in a year like no other.

This year’s Top 5 Most Loved Brands features the United States Postal Service, Google, UPS, Amazon and Netflix, leading the definitive brand ranking determined by more than 150,000 interviews from the company’s flagship product Morning Consult Brand Intelligence. The report highlights brand performance based on four metrics -- favorability, trust, community impact and net promoter score (NPS) -- added together for an index Brand Love score. These metrics matter more than ever during the pandemic, as they become more closely predictive of overall and more frequent usage when consumers’ choices are limited and finances are strained.

“2020 has undeniably reshaped how consumers think about brand love,” said Victoria Sakal, managing director of brand intelligence for Morning Consult and author of the report. “As the pandemic continues to alter brand perceptions and shift consumer needs, companies must commit to understanding what’s driving love to stay relevant today — and into the future.”

  • Food & Beverage and Household Brands Dominate: Dominating nearly half of the Top 50 Most Loved Brands are Food & Beverage and Household brands. Both CPG and Social Media brands also had strong showings in the ranking, while luxury brands were outperformed by all brands on average.
  • Brand Love and Business Performance Are More Connected Than Ever: There’s a 49-point gap in net purchasing consideration between 2020’s Most Loved Brands and all other brands. The relationship between usage and Brand Love strengthened significantly since March 2020, underscoring that in tough times, the components of Brand Love not only matter, they become even more important when consumers’ choices are limited, finances are strained, and stress is running high.
  • Brands known for Diversity and Inclusion Fare Well: On this year’s list companies delivering on their approach to inclusion and diversity outperform the “all brand” average on several key metrics. 
  • Biggest Gainers in Brand Love: Explore what brands show the greatest improvements on certain metrics between March 1 (before the coronavirus pandemic) and the end of July. The Top 5 biggest gainers in Brand Love are Zoom, SpaceX, TikTok, Instacart and Headspace -- all brands that were there for consumers amid this new reality, whether by delivering connectivity and accessibility, entertainment and inspiration or an outlet for self care.

Learn more on how Brand Love varies by generation, what the top drivers are for Brand Love, and more in the special report, “Most Loved Brands of 2020: What Drives Brand Love in a Year Like No Other” authored by Victoria Sakal, managing director of brand intelligence for Morning Consult. (Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in connecting with Victoria for more insights.)

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