Morning Consult Economic Intelligence

You may not be an economist - but thinking like one gives you an edge

Most economic indicators look backward, hamstrung by outdated data collection methods, and a singular focus on top-line macroeconomic trends. You need high frequency metrics tailored to your core customer segments to fuel the decisions you make today. Economic Intelligence gives you the macro and micro level economic data to think like an economist — even if you aren't one.

Economic Intelligence Key Features

Morning Consult Economic Intelligence provides clients with unparalleled insight into emerging trends in the global economy by integrating Morning Consult’s proprietary, high-frequency economic data with recurring and topical analysis.

Measure consumer spending

Understand trends in consumer demand across major spending categories with detailed consumer segmentation to target high-intent audiences.

Navigate inflationary environments

Product shortages and inflation are forcing customers to make choices. Gain visibility into these trade-offs and the barriers global consumers face in making purchases.

Track labor market trends

Make better informed business and employment decisions based on granular and speedy insights into outcomes, drivers, and expectations around employment, wages, working from home, and employment benefits.

Monitor consumer credit risk

Track key credit segments' monthly debt payments and total debt outstanding for major debt categories, such as auto, housing, student loans, cards, and "buy now, pay later"

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