U.S. Political Intelligence

“Modernizing political polling”  - Bloomberg

Morning Consult surveys 6,000 adults in the United States every day on key political and electoral issues. Our data offers an unparalleled, real-time read on public views of political leaders, policy issues and elections.

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Not all political polling is the same.

  • Understand shifting trends in real-time.

    With our always-on survey technology, there’s no waiting weeks to ascertain how events are impacting perceptions among the electorate.

  • Unearth deep demographic detail.

    The unparalleled scale of Morning Consult’s daily survey data enables clients to assess how different groups view key issues, candidates, and more without compromising on sample size or quality.

  • Pinpoint which events move the needle.

    Was it a candidate’s new position on an issue or a debate performance that shifted their fortunes? Our daily tracking enables clients to attribute shifts in public sentiment accurately and in near real-time.

  • Better contextualize the data.

    How do current approval ratings trend to the same stage in the previous electoral cycle? Our trended U.S. data, going back 6+ years, is uniquely positioned to provide a more holistic picture and facilitate comparisons.