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2023 American Workforce Trends in 15+ Charts

June 2023
Chart Pack

Report summary

The American workforce has undergone massive changes over the past few years as workers and employers have had to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, high-profile mass layoffs and mounting concerns about a possible recession.

To help stakeholders understand and maneuver the shifting consumer, business and economic implications of this transitional period, we’ve collected a snapshot of our recent data on American employees’ preferences, behaviors and experiences.

This chart pack includes more than a dozen charts with Morning Consult data.

Chart Pack highlights:

  • Fewer Americans are working remotely. The share of U.S. adults working remotely in 2023 dipped 4 percentage points compared with the previous year.
  • Insurance and tech workers are especially worried about artificial intelligence. Workers in the insurance and technology sectors are most likely to be concerned that AI will result in job losses for their industries.
  • Young people think the mass layoffs earlier this year were avoidable. Three in 5 Gen Z adults said the layoffs were avoidable based on the economic environment at the time.
  • Business traveling hasn’t caught up to pre-pandemic levels. The share of U.S. adults who say they travel for business is now 18 percentage points lower than in a typical pre-pandemic year.

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