Chart pack: 2023 Gen Z Consumer Trends


2023 Gen Z Consumer Trends in 20+ Charts

April 2023
Chart Pack

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Gen Z consumers wield considerable purchasing power and influence over American culture. They will someday be the country’s largest and most ethnically diverse generation. And how they work, spend and consume is quite different from the generations that came before them.

Which is why we’ve assembled a selection of our Gen Z data in one place: A chart pack with more than 20 charts exploring everything from Gen Zers’ favorite brands to their credit card usage. For example, we know that Gen Z adults are…

  • Frequent travelers: More than half of Gen Z adults say they’re taking three or more leisure trips per year, a full 11 percentage points higher than Gen X adults.
  • TV bingers: More than any other generation, Gen Z adults prefer it when episodes of their shows are released all at once as opposed to weekly.
  • Less likely to watch live sports: Of those that do watch live sports, they’re much more likely to do so over a streaming service as opposed to broadcast or cable TV.

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