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Most Trusted Brands Report 2022: Travel & Hospitality

June 2022

Report summary

For more recent data and analysis, see the Most Trusted Brands Report 2023.

Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Brands 2022 is the definitive measure of brand trust across industries, showcasing the companies and products that have earned or maintained consumer trust in 2022. In this report, we unpack why trust is important, how trust is built and how it’s broken in the travel & hospitality industry. We then zero in on the top 10 most trusted brands in the sector, diving into three different case studies of brands that have stood out in their trust metrics.

Key Takeaways

  • Travel brands are highly trusted, but headwinds abound: While the industry is highly trusted after emerging from pandemic restrictions, many challenges lay ahead that could threaten trust.
  • Holiday Inn keeps its top position as the most trusted travel brand: High usage, affordability and continuity of experience have kept Holiday Inn at the top of the travel & hospitality trust rankings for a second consecutive year.
  • Business travelers are more sensitive about customer service experiences: Ahead of the summer travel surge, staffing concerns could spell trouble for business travelers, who are more likely to lose trust over a bad customer experience.
  • The travel & hospitality industry has a Gen Z problem: Only half of Gen Z adults say they trust the industry, likely due to a lack of interaction with travel & hospitality brands during the pandemic.


The analysis behind Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Brands is drawn from two powerful datasets: Research Intelligence and Brand Intelligence.

The Research Intelligence dataset was fielded April 8-14, 2022, among are presentative sample of 2,200 U.S. adults, 1,299 South Korean residents and 1,000 residents each in Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan and the U.K. Unweighted margins of error for each country are no more than +/-3 percentage points.

The Brand Intelligence dataset was gathered March 3-April 3, 2022, among representative samples of 4,614 to 6,401 adults from the countries above, with unweighted margins of error of +/-1 point.

Brand rankings are based on net trust, or the share of respondents who said they trust each brand to do the right thing “a lot” or “some” minus the share who said“not much” or “not at all.”

About the author

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Matthew Howe
Senior Manager, Travel Intelligence

Matthew Howe is the senior manager of travel intelligence at global intelligence company Morning Consult, where he conducts research, writes analyst notes and advises leaders in the travel & hospitality industry on how to apply the latest industry trends and findings.
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