Morning Consult Brand Tracking

Consumers' relationships with brands are complex — but tracking those relationships doesn't have to be. From out-of-the-box technology to bespoke solutions, Morning Consult offers a transparent yet actionable approach to brand tracking.

What sets us apart:

  • Contemporary approach on how brands grow
  • Ability to flex across various data sources to provide a uniquely holistic view of your brand
  • Unique, high-frequency sampling technology provides access to the people that matter most to you whenever needed
  • Simple, scalable way to measure brand health using Ehrenberg Bass principles
  • Powerful analytics that drive action and informed decision making

Want to learn more?

Actionable insights into how your customers think

Instead of black-box equity metrics, Morning Consult's approach uses high-quality data, transparent methods and proprietary technology to deliver a brand tracking program built uniquely for your brand.

Grow Your Brand and Customer Base

Our unique data sets and approach help you identify white spaces in the market to grow your brand and  understand which needs (functional and emotional) drive people’s behaviors in your category.

Beat the Competition

Morning Consult tracks over 2000 brands in 40 markets, giving you unprecedented insight into which brands are most associated with delivering on the needs that drive behavior and how are those associations changing over time.

Evaluate Your Approach

Our high-frequency survey technology gives you constant insight into how key investments in brand marketing are contributing to performance.

Stay Ahead of Brand Crises

Brand crises don’t happen every day. But when they do, you need to catch them early. Our always-on data collection and in-platform tools alert you to an event and help you measure the impact on key audiences.

Know What to Expect Tomorrow With Intel You Can Act on Today.

Morning Consult turns numbers into next steps. We help decision makers better understand their customers, competitors and markets through our industry leading high-frequency research technology and prescriptive solutions.