Fastest Growing Brands Report 2020

December 2020

Report summary

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Morning Consult’s Fastest Growing Brands of 2020 is the definitive measure of brand growth for both emerging and established brands, showcasing a wide range of companies and products that have accelerated their consumer appeal and awareness in 2020. In this report, we rank the top 20 fastest growing brands that have seen the biggest rise in purchasing consideration this year, how that is playing out across generations and which brands have seen a lift in pure brand awareness, even if it didn’t translate to an increase in purchasing.

Key Takeaways

  • The pandemic greatly shaped consumer behavior in 2020: Nearly every brand that occupies a spot on the Fastest Growing Brands list is meaningfully connected to pandemic-related behavior, from at-home entertainment to cleaning products to remote connectivity apps to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Zoom is the standout winner this year: The video conferencing brand surged 15 points. Only one other brand, Peacock, grew by double digits. Zoom is also the number one Fastest Growing Brand with each generation.
  • Legacy brands made inroads with Gen Z: While emerging companies Zoom and TikTok took the top spots with Gen Z, the list is also peppered with a number of well established brands, such as Food Network, NASCAR, Cetaphil, Pepsi, United Airlines, and State Farm.
  • Video streaming services dominate the rankings: Americans had lots of free time to kill this year, and perhaps the biggest benefactors were a new class of video streaming services. Six of the 20 Fastest Growing Brands are rooted in video streaming: Peacock, TikTok, HBO Max, Twitch, Tubi TV, and Pluto TV.
  • Food delivery apps have another banner year: Last year, four food delivery brands made the Fastest Growing Brands ranking, with DoorDash nabbing the top spot. DoorDash appears again on this year’s list, joined by Instacart and Amazon Fresh.
  • DoorDash, Venmo & Cash App make top 20 for second year in a row: DoorDash, Venmo and Cash App are no stranger to growth: This is their second consecutive year making Morning Consult’s Fastest Growing Brands list.
  • Peacock finds an audience with older generations: Peacock was the second fastest growing brand overall, and found particular resonance with Gen X and, to a lesser extent, boomers. Purchasing consideration grew by 16 points among Gen X, compared to 3 points for Gen Z, 11 points for millennials, and 13 for boomers.

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