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The State of the 2020 Holiday Shopper Report

November 2020

Report summary

For more recent data and analysis, see the First Look: Consumers' 2022 Holiday Plans Report.

In addition to the global pandemic, a dwindling economy, significant social unrest around racial injustice, and a tumultuous election season have contributed to a quickly-changing consumer environment throughout 2020.

With 73% of Americans expecting their holiday traditions to change this year –up 12 points since early August –these events are also dramatically reshaping the way Americans will celebrate and shop this holiday season. In short, the final stretch of the year will present yet another moving target for brands.

From the way consumers plan to celebrate, travel, spend, and shop, these changes will have dramatic consequences for brands. Morning Consult has been closely monitoring how consumer spending and shopping needs and habits change this holiday season, and what brands can do to navigate this landscape as it evolves. This brings together key highlights to help brands assess their efforts and plan for a critical close to a challenging year.

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