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Chart Pack: U.S. Consumer Health and Wellness Trends

August 2023
Chart Pack

Report summary

The public faces a constant stream of ever-changing information related to health and wellness trends, on everything from diet and weight loss options to emotional well-being. 

To help stakeholders in the wellness economy understand how Americans perceive these trends, we’ve compiled more than a dozen Morning Consult charts that explore consumer views on health, wellness and lifestyle.

Chart Pack highlights:

  • Many U.S. adults are prioritizing healthier foods and drinks. In July 2023, roughly 2 in 3 (64%) said they plan to choose healthier foods and drinks next month. This is up 8 points from July 2022, when top-line inflation was near peak levels and price pressures took precedence over other factors such as health and wellness.
  • U.S. adults are more likely than not to say they need to lose weight. Among those who said they need to slim down, more than half reported that they need to drop more than 20 pounds.
  • Health app and wearable users are consistent. At least half of U.S. adults who have health apps or wearables said they use them daily, and a majority (73% of app users and 81% of wearable users) reported engaging with them at least weekly.
  • Baby boomers are less likely to report feeling most negative emotions. Baby boomers are less likely than other generations to report feeling tired (54%), anxious (39%), sad (28%) and angry (25%).

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