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Chart Pack: Marvel's Next Phase

January 2022
Chart Pack

Report summary

This chart pack covers Morning Consult’s proprietary research regarding Marvel and how the brand serves as a case study for fandom, licensing and the globalization of IP. Topics include: how Marvel became the ‘Gold Standard’ super brand, which heroes and movies polled best with fans, how the brand manifests consumer connections through various licensed categories and the ways in which future generations want to see the brand evolve.

Key Takeaways

  • Marvel fans are predominantly white, male, millennials, but the brand has room to grow among women, Gen Zers and fans of color.
  • Among every generation, millennials show the highest engagement with superhero fan culture overall.
  • Consumers are interested in products featuring superheroes, but the superhero characters generate more interest than the actors who portray them.
  • Audiences are growing tired of superhero films, a view shared by nearly 3 in 10 self-identified Marvel fans. However, in the pandemic era, superhero films are the titles that have consistently led the domestic box office.
  • In addition to audience fatigue, Marvel faces the dual challenge of diversifying its character offerings while convincing fans to care about new characters.

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