Download the The State of Media & Entertainment Report: H1 2023


The State of Media & Entertainment Report: H1 2023

January 2023

Report Summary

With the economy not likely to improve much in the near term, media executives should brace for some consumers to be even choosier with their entertainment expenditures in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • Boom times for video streaming are over: Lower-priced ad tiers will only help so much, making it imperative for streamers to be able differentiate themselves through areas like live content and free ad-supported streaming TV options.
  • Winning the short-form video race remains paramount for social media players: Startups like BeReal and Post News have gained popularity, but it’s unclear any new player will establish itself as a creator economy pillar like TikTok has. None of the TikTok copycat products have managed to usurp Bytedance’s service in the minds of Gen Zers.
  • Video game IP needs more attention from media companies: The consumers who spend the most time gaming also tend to be much more interested in moviegoing and video streaming than the average adult, so more content geared toward gamers should be developed.
  • Newer digital audio initiatives are far from monetizing the average consumer: While some consumers do regularly use social audio services like Clubhouse and pay for podcast subscriptions, they’re the exception rather than the rule.


The research fueling this project was drawn from surveys fielded regularly between June and December 2022, among representative samples of roughly 2,210 U.S. adults, with unweighted margins of error of up to +/-2 percentage points.

About the Author

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Kevin Tran
Media & Entertainment Analyst

Kevin Tran is the media & entertainment analyst on the Industry Intelligence team, where he conducts research, authors analyst notes and advises leaders in the media & entertainment industry on how to apply insights to make better business decisions. Prior to Morning Consult, Kevin was a media analyst at Variety Intelligence Platform, Variety’s premium subscription service. Kevin graduated from the Haas School of Business undergraduate program at the University of California, Berkeley. @ktran223

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