Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas Drew Heated Reactions but Didn’t Impact Favorability

The cruise company maintains favorability in the wake of a polarized response to its newest and largest ship, writes travel & hospitality analyst Lindsey Roeschke
Net favorability for cruise brands among respondents who are aware of each brand
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*Net favorability is the share of those who say they have a favorable impression of a brand minus the share of those who have an unfavorable view.
July 27, 2023 at 5:00 am UTC

In June, Royal Caribbean began sea trials for the Icon of the Seas — the brand’s newest ship, which also holds the title of the largest cruise ship in the world. Media coverage of the massive boat drew a polarized response from the public, with one particular viral tweet with an image of the vessel referring to it as a “monstrosity.” While some responded to the tweet positively, saying it’s “certainly impressive,” most were not so sure, including one who offered the understated reply: “It’s a bit much.”

The good news is the debate doesn’t appear to have dinged the image of Royal Caribbean, as the cruise brand maintains a more favorable status than other major players in the space. Among those who are aware of Royal Caribbean, net favorability — the share of those who say they have a favorable impression of a brand minus the share of those who have an unfavorable view — is 31 in July, compared with an average of 24 for the major cruise lines as a whole.

While the Icon isn’t set to take her maiden voyage until January 2024, it will be important for Royal Caribbean to maintain this momentum in the interim. Cruising is experiencing a post-COVID resurgence, with travelers’ interest in taking a cruise up 10 percentage points year over year. At the same time, rival brands Carnival and Norwegian have been growing in net favorability since the fourth quarter of 2022, threatening to steal the crown from the reigning industry leader.

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Lindsey Roeschke is the lead travel & hospitality analyst on the Industry Intelligence team, where she conducts research, authors analyst notes and advises leaders in the travel & hospitality industry on how to apply insights to make better business decisions. Before joining Morning Consult, she served as a director of consumer and culture analysis at Gartner and spent more than a decade working at advertising agencies across three continents. Lindsey graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in communications and holds a master’s degree in strategic communications from Villanova University. For speaking opportunities and booking requests, please email [email protected].

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