Most Trusted Brands 2024

Morning Consult's definitive ranking of the brands that lead the way on consumer trust

Report summary

This is Morning Consult’s fifth annual Most Trusted Brands report, our yearly effort to spotlight the brands that have secured top spots in consumer trust.

This year, we’re expanding our rankings to include more brands than ever before — 118 brands are included across our 14 rankings — from long-standing brands like UPS and Colgate to newer entrants such as ChatGPT and Spotify.

This report also drills down into the demographic variables that shape trust in the United States — specifically gender and generation — including rankings of the brands that are most trusted by those demographics, as well as the ones that stand out among each group.

Highlights from this report

Items you’ll find on the grocery store shelf, including food, household, and personal products, make up 13 of the 25 Most Trusted Brands ranking. These are the tried-and-true staples of American households, from Cheerios to Clorox.

The next biggest group of brands on the ranking are stores that stock many of those same brands — retail giants like Amazon and CVS. Additionally, the three largest American shipping brands, UPS, USPS, and FedEx all make the ranking.

The Most Trusted Brands in the U.S.

Ordered by net trust (the share who trust minus the share who distrust)
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Source: Morning Consult Intelligence

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The data in this study comes from Morning Consult Intelligence, which tracks consumer perceptions on thousands of brands daily.

Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Brands rankings are determined by measuring net trust: the share that trust a brand minus the share that say they distrust a brand.

The Standout rankings by demographic were determined by taking the difference in net trust between a given demographic and all adults.

The surveys that make up this dataset were conducted in the first quarter of 2024, from January 1 through March 31. Representative samples of between 1,158 and 35,280 U.S. adults were gathered for each brand, with an average sample of 10,070 U.S. adults per brand.

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