Q3 2023: Charts From Our Brand Intelligence Platform

October 2023
Chart Pack

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This Chart Pack consolidates a dozen Morning Consult Brand Intelligence trends that our team of industry analysts explored over the third quarter of 2023. These charts show trends across technology, retail & e-commerce, travel & hospitality and media & entertainment, examining consumers’ views of companies, products and services and how key events impact those perceptions. 

This Chart Pack offers a preview of the data subscribers can access in Morning Consult's Brand Intelligence platform, which offers actionable insights into what consumers think, see and say about thousands of brands and products. Subscribers can further explore this data to see how these stories and trends play out among hundreds of different audience profiles, or put them into the context of different brands and events by creating custom dashboards.

Key data points included in these charts:

  • An analysis of Threads and Twitter/X users shows that Threads users tend to be younger and more educated. For example, almost half (48%) of Threads users are millennials, compared with 35% of Twitter/X users. Only 6% of Threads users are baby boomers, compared with 15% of Twitter/X users. In terms of education, 20% of Threads users have a graduate degree, compared with 15% of Twitter/X users.
  • Allbirds’ purchasing consideration and favorability among millennials reached series highs in May and June. After its IPO in November 2021, Allbirds’ favorability and purchasing consideration among millennials started to stall. However, following the March 2023 announcement of a net-zero-carbon shoe, Allbirds’ purchasing consideration and favorability among millennials has been on the upswing.
  • Airline trust is resilient despite The New York Times’ investigation into close call incidents. In fact, trust has been trending up slightly since the beginning of 2023. Furthermore, the major U.S. airlines are restoring their goodwill with consumers. Since January, net favorability for each of the largest carriers has improved, especially for Southwest, which experienced the largest dip over the winter.
  • Total buzz for Netflix among gamers has consistently been higher than among the general population. Drilling down to types of gamers, buzz among console gamers was higher than among mobile gamers in every month between January and July 2023. Total buzz among PC gamers has also been generally higher than among mobile gamers.

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